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  ID# : 5704 ;   Date posted : July 12, 2014 ;  
  Contact Name: sherri rowland  
  Telephone: 3184224321  
  Cell Number: 3184224321  
  Office Phone: 3184224321  
  Address: 327 Irvin Rowland Rd,  
  City: Dubberly  
  State: LA  
  Zip Code: 71024  
  Location Address: 327 Irvin Rowland Rd  
  City: Dubberly  
  State: LA  
  Zip Code: 71024  
  Type of Location: Farms  
  Description: We have an 1880's dogtrot house, it sets in an old working farm setting from early 1900's. There is a 3-story old mule barn, several mule/oxen plows, wagons, a corn crib, a small store, a seed house, a well with spring water that was dug next to house. the picture are of the seed house, mule barn, dogtrot home. The home was recently cleaned out & has several iron bed frames, tables, pie safe, butane burning ice box, etc. We would like the money of using this place (if there is any) to invest it back into saving the mule barn. Thanks  

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